"When you actually read the story behind this event, it really gives you a sense of ownership as if you are the enthusiast i'm speaking about. It's never been about the money, it's been about bringing this movie scene to reality" - JM

CEO / President and Founder of 742 Race.Wars USA in Las Vegas Welcoming the guest. 

This event was such a success that people are still talking about even until this day. 600 plus show cars ranging from high-end car such as Porsche, Lexus’ and BMWs, to your daily driven Honda. 40 vendors, big rig teams out in full force, 30 PLUS Cadillac CTS-V's ripping the track from start to end. 4000 Plus attendees and local radio station Power 106 & Local News Station FOX 11 was by our side to witness the event created out of love, passion and hard work. When I finally got to stand on the stage and look upon the crowd and see what had been manifested, it was truly a DREAM COME TRUE.​

742RACEWARS is built with heart and purpose that involves trying to fix a scene that has been broken by the illegal street racing; the bad image of the tuner community who's looking for a place to be them and the enthusiasts who all are looking to view the passion they’ve grown to love. With the help 742 MARKETING, we are trying to bring back a show that falls in its own category at an event that intertwines the fashion world with the “car guys” and the “off road truck guys”, with the “stanced out whips”, all in effort to unite our world: a world you and I live for.

Do you want to be a part of something that is taking, not only our country by storm, but many countries like Japan, Brazil and the Philippines as well? Would you like to contribute to an event that is not only safe, but gives the same edge as illegal street racing, with the energy of a rock concert and fashion show rolled into one? What is this event you may ask? It’s RACEWARSLA and soon we will expanding to five other US cities and eventually the plan is to take this event worldwide.  With your help and your contribution we will be able to create an event that hasn’t been seen or experienced before.  But this event didn’t come easy. To know this event, is to know me Jeff Maldanado, founder and creator of RACE WARS LA.​

STRUGGLE is what has pushed me to go above and beyond my ideas and dreams of my childhood, not caring of a positive or negative outcome, but the satisfaction to say that “I did it”, wasn’t enough for me. As a child I had dreams of becoming an NBA player, a performer, at the least a D.J. who could go back to my home country of Guatemala and entertain thousands making them proud of their native son. But alas that wasn’t the case.  I had a hard working single mother who tried her best to put food on the table.  I wasn’t good at sports and my skills in the D.J. booth never developed past being able to entertain my family at gatherings.

Once those dreams were dashed, I knew that I had to find a way to make it through life.  My mother said, “Get a job and earn money,” and I’d be happy. But what was I going to do?  I wasn’t very good at school—even ditching a few days here and there, I can honestly say.  After high school there was no college plan.  But I kept the words of my mother in the back of my head and decided to do something that I sort of had a skillset for: Graphic Design.  That led me to a short-term college where I majored in the concentration and after two long years, I had perfected my skills and was ready to attack the world. 

But the universe had another idea.  It was at this short-term college that I met the guys who I would start 742 Marketing with.  We talked about the possibilities of a clothing line, graphic tees and logos for companies.  This talk eventually led to action and after years of planning and plotting, we became me and I decided to concentrate on my love for cars.  This love transformed into the base for what 742MARKETING would be and eventually what would become 742RACE WARS LA.​

But even what 742 RACEWARS is today was not the plan that I had been developing. Just like the rest of the world, when we saw Fast and the Furious for the first time it change my perception of what a car show could be.  It was the RACE WAR scene in particular that forever changed my life. Seeing this event, though it was scripted, shot and a part of a big budget film, I just knew that it wasn't just your park your car and sit around waiting for trophies type of show. It had music, drag racing, car shows, girls, but not like any show I had seen before. It left me wondering if that could ever be realistically recreated in a way that would bring the same energy and overall would be FUN!

Five plus years of producing smaller shows for dealerships, private companies, colleges and my own car club, I noticed the support and love that the community showed me, and it helped me to make the decision in late 2013 to create my own event. After a year of planning, talking to my current affiliates, supporters and getting reassurance that my decision was not a mistake, RACE WAR LA debuted in August 2015 in Irwindale, California.

742 race.wars"the story"