All Manufacturer classes are awarded a 1st-3rd on each class. All sub categories or specialty classes will be automatically awarded a 1st. place and if 10+ of a specific model or class are registered then that class will get awarded 1st - 3rd.

Car Enthusiast from all over the USA are talking about RWUSA as the first of it's kind. Vehicles from all over the spectrum are joining our tour and experiencing it first hand. Imports, Domestics, Euros, Trucks, Classics, Bikes, Luxury and a vast group of unique builds make our show floor. 

2015 Test & Tune / Heads Up / No Bracket

2015 NHRA Rulebook
Mufflers: Required on all cars and motorcycles. NO EXCEPTIONS
Licenses: Required - Drivers are required to posses valid driver's license.
Competitors under 18 years of age are required to have a Minor Release form completed prior to competing at Irwindale Event Center. The forms are valid for the complete 2012 year.
Attire: All racers and passengers are required to wear long pants, shoes and a shirt with sleeves. Racers competing with cars quicker than 8.59 (1/8 mile) are required to wear an approved helmet (See NHRA Rulebook). No passengers are allowed in vehicles faster than 8.59
Trailer Rules: Cars/motorcycles may be brought in by trailer, but must be removed from same prior to tech inspection. 
Tech inspection cannot be performed on/in a trailer.
Wheel Studs: All cars must posses the required number of wheel studs and have a lug nut on each stud.
Convertible Cars: All convertible cars must have the top up to race the vehicle or provide the driver with the approved arm restraints.
Seat Belts: Seat belts must be worn at all times while in the water box or the Dragstrip.
Windows: Windows must be in the closed position in the water box and during the run.
Air Conditioners: Please turn off air conditioners prior to your arrival in the water box.
Pit Speed Limit: Speed limit in the pits is 5 MILES PER HOUR.
Overflow Catch Tank: All cars are required to have an overflow catch tank for the radiator.
Batteries: Batteries located in the stock position must be properly braced. Relocated batteries must be located in an approved battery box.
Neutral Safety Switch: All vehicles must posses an operational neutral safety switch
Motorcycles: Motorcycles must be equipped with a chain guard. Riders must wear a leather jacket, gloves and leather shoes that cover the ankles.
NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are permitted in the pits at any time.

RWUSA Sole purpose for the the creation of the event was to bring to light the danger of ILLEGAL STREET RACING. Is why we have dedicated the event to bringing awareness to keeping it safe and fun, allowing anyone with the need for speed to take it to a controlled track and battle heads up versus others just like them.

#beVIP is a unique program and award that we created for individuals and thier builds to go for a little more than just a show and for RWUSA is a group of individuals that represent US as a company. This section will be open to those who want a bit more and experience what a VIP at a car show should feel like.