#beVIP is a unique program and award that we created for individuals and thier builds to go for a little more than just a show and for RWUSA is a group of individuals that represent US as a company. This section will be open to those who want a bit more and experience what a VIP at a car show should feel like.

All selected Vehicles will be given the following:

- Driver & Passenger Entry to event

- Vehicle Registration to Car Show's VIP section

- A custom Wooden engraved Dog Tag sponsored by Cap Exotic USA. 

- Event Decal

- Placement in the stage or upfront of the events main area. 

After you submit your vehicles information, a dedicated staff member will reply back to you with thank you or congratulations letter with link to the VIP registration. You will have 24hrs to complete the VIP registration or it will go to the next person in line. Due to the limited amount of space for the VIP Section and it's high demand we have to make it a fair game for everyone. 

Once Selected and paid, your images will be used for a VIP Vehicle card that will then get posted on all social media outlets and for you to share. 

Again, thank you and Good luck! - 742 STAFF